FAQs About Lawsuits 


This section will attempt to answer your general questions about debt collection and foreclosure lawsuits. General answers might not apply to your specific situation. This website is not a substitute for an individual consultation with a Louisiana lawyer, nor is it intended to constitute individual legal advice regarding your specific situation. Although this website is written and produced by a Louisiana lawyer, you must remember that we are not your lawyer unless and until you formally retain us and until we accept the engagement in writing.


You probably didn't find this website on Google because it isn't designed for the general public.  It is a specialized website which we have set up for our law firm's clients and prospective clients to answer their general questions about lawsuits, foreclosure, debt reorganization, and bankruptcy.


If you have been sued by a credit card issuer, or a loan company, or a debt scavenger (debt scavengers are vultures who buy old debts for pennies on the dollar and prey on people who are in financial distress), you will find the basic general information you are looking for by clicking here.


If your home is in foreclosure, or if the mortgage company is threatening foreclosure, you should check out the section on foreclosure lawsuits here.


And if your financial situation is so bad that you have been sued, you owe it to yourself to at least consider your debt consolidation and reorganization options under Chapter 13 (as advertised on television) and your fresh start options under Chapter 7 here.

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About Our Law Firm

We are a private, for-profit law firm located the metropolitan New Orleans area.  The name of our firm is William G. Cherbonnier Attorney at Law LLC.  We have two convenient offices, one on the Eastbank on Causeway Boulevard in Metairie close to Lakeside Shopping Center, and the other on the Westbank in Gretna about a mile off the Expressway.

Who We Are

We are consumer defense attorneys.  We represent individuals and small businesses who have be sued by banks, mortgage servicers, credit unions, debt buyers, finance companies, payday loan companies, and other lenders.  We represent consumers only, and never the businesses who sue consumers.

Our Philosophy

We believe that no one should try to represent himself in a debt collection or foreclosure lawsuit, and we produced this website to try to explain the lawsuit process and help Louisiana consumers find a lawyer that will represent them for a fair and reasonable price (or for free if they qualify for legal assistance).

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