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This is a website for people who have been sued in Louisiana, or are afraid that they might be sued, and who don't know what to do next. This is a website for people who don't understand the Louisiana legal system and who want to learn about their options.  This is a website for good people who are trying to do the right thing , and who want to protect themselves and their families from debt collection lawsuits, foreclosure and repossession proceedings, wage garnishment, and bank account seizure.  If you have been or are about to be sued in a Louisiana court for debt collection, foreclosure, or repossession, this is a website for you.

How To Use This Website

If you have about 15 - 20 minutes to browse this website, you will have the basic information you need to develop an intelligent strategy for honorably dealing with your Louisiana collection or foreclosure lawsuit.


Don't Panic!!  First Things First!


Start off by reading the section entitled First Things First.  Resist the urge to call the people who are suing you or to run down to the courthouse and file something on your own that you might regret later.  You have ten days (fifteen in district court) from the date you are served with court papers to formally respond in court to the lawsuit.  Don't jump the gun and over-react.  Take all the time the law allows you.

Get Your Questions About Collection and Foreclosure Lawsuits Answered

Next read the section FAQs About Lawsuits to learn about what happens after the sheriff or constable serves you with suit papers, and what happens if you stick your head in the sand and don't take care of this problem NOW.


You should also read the section FAQs about Bankruptcy, even though you may have no intentions of filing.  When you are being sued, you need to know all of your options.  Many individuals don't understand what bankruptcy can do for them and their families.  You do not automatically lose your house or car or truck when you file bankruptcy, and the damage to your credit is not permanent.  Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which you have probably seen advertised on TV, gives you up to five years to get caught up on your house notes and can eliminate credit card debt, medical bills, and unsecured personal loans. 

Get a Game Plan

Then, you need to develop a game plan for dealing with this lawsuit.  Read the Next Steps section to get an idea of your options.  We have learned from our experience that there are seven basic strategies for dealing with debt collection and foreclosure lawsuits, and we share each of these with you.

Get A Lawyer --- We'll Show You How


Finally, we hope that by now that we have convinced you that the most important thing you can do is contact an attorney, whether that attorney is our firm or someone else.  Please don't try to handle a lawsuit on your own.  You may regret it.  Read the Find a Lawyer section to help you decide whom to call for further assistance.  It will show you how, if you're willing to look and if you are sufficiently motivated, you can find a lawyer to represent you.


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We are a private, for-profit law firm located the metropolitan New Orleans area.  The name of our firm is William G. Cherbonnier Attorney at Law LLC.  We have two convenient offices, one on the Eastbank on Causeway Boulevard in Metairie close to Lakeside Shopping Center, and the other on the Westbank in Gretna about a mile off the Expressway.

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We are consumer defense attorneys.  We represent individuals and small businesses who have be sued by banks, mortgage servicers, credit unions, debt buyers, finance companies, payday loan companies, and other lenders.  We represent consumers only, and never the businesses who sue consumers.

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We believe that no one should try to represent himself in a debt collection or foreclosure lawsuit, and we produced this website to try to explain the lawsuit process and help Louisiana consumers find a lawyer that will represent them for a fair and reasonable price (or for free if they qualify for legal assistance).

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